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Vacation Clubs: An alternative to timeshare ownership

Find details on vacation clubs that highlight the good, bad and ugly in the vacation travel industry. We make your last minute vacation decision a breeze.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced way to travel luxuriously without experiencing the restrictions of a timeshare, you will be glad to know that vacation clubs are just the alternative around the corner.

Looking for ways to have a decent vacation without busting out your lifetime savings is certainly not easy. Travelling inexpensively could easily mean being stuck at a cheap hotel, second-rate resort or a tacky inn.

Therefore, an increasingly popular back-door to home vacation ownership is a vacation club membership.

Why join any of the few reputable Vacation Clubs?

Vacation Clubs such as the DVC, Marriott travel club, or RCI are widely available to give you unbelievable value and savings over a timeshare. You don’t need to limit your vacation annually because you can now travel as often as you like. Good travel clubs permit better freedom and flexibility for its members.

vacation clubs sea life

Clubs sea life

Timeshares and elite residence clubs can cost from $20,000 or more just to buy into one. This can be very expensive especially when the rates for a night’s stay cost more than a week’s stay offered by a regular vacation club. Timeshares also include additional expenses like maintenance fees, tax and require big down payments. Elite residence clubs and timeshares have a lot of constraints and aren’t accommodating to the needs of the travellers.

With more club options becoming available, travellers are now converting to vacation travel clubs as they are more feasible and cost-effective in going to world renowned destinations.

Use Vacation Clubs Anytime and Anywhere in the World

Vacation Travel Clubs are the latest trend in providing vacation products and services to meet the needs of the clientele. They provide various travel services from hotel accommodation, flight booking, car rentals and cruises. If you want an easy convenient way to travel, then considering a vacation travel club is a no-brainer.
When you join a vacation club:

  • you have access to a large selection of resorts all over the world.
  • You can enjoy your vacation at over 5,000 of the premium resorts, hotels and cruises for a fraction of the regular price.

In choosing a vacation club, make sure that you see the list of resorts before signing up. A club with limited accommodation is not worth your time and money.
Joining vacations clubs doesn’t restrict you to a particular date to travel. Your membership allows you flexibility in taking a vacation in any day, week or month of the year. Some memberships even allow you to use your time to travel at different periods or use them all together. You have the control and the company will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

Big Savings on Membership from Vacation Clubs

There are popular vacation travel clubs that can be found online which can give you the best savings. Memberships are usually in the form of a one-time payment for a year or a certain period like 3 years or 5 years. Some clubs also offer lifetime memberships that save you the most especially if you’re a well-seasoned traveller.

By joining memberships, you’re not getting stuck on debts because you don’t need to pay weekly, monthly or quarterly and some can be bought for less than $5,000.
With vacation travel clubs, you can bond with the family and make long-lasting memories. This site helps you do your research among many vacation clubs, so you can carefully join the most suited and enjoy big savings on your next getaway.


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